Saturday, July 2, 2011

~I'm Hot and I'm Cold, I'm Yes and I'm No~

Summer. Is. Finally. Here.
Let's be real, summer here is short, so of course I want to enjoy every second of sun. We squeeze camping, drinking, and any sort of fun into every free second. Sounds great, right? The problem? HALF TRAINING! Yes I have another half around the corner---62 days to be exact. It has been HOT here. Wonderful for sitting in a lawn chair with a beer, not so wonderful for me to run in. I DIE IN THE HEAT, I tire so quickly. Today I am going to hit the treadmill in my basement. In my central air conditioned home. I HATE the treadmill, but I hate running in the heat even more. It is so hard to stick to my training schedule. I am a mama of 3. Kids have so much going on, especially in the summer. I run after work, but yet start to feel guilty that my husband is stuck home with the kids (especially after being home with them all day). I have to accept that I am a runner, but a mama and a wife and a nurse and a friend and a daughter as well. I need to allow all of my roles to take turns being first and accept that there are weeks where I can not run three times. I will do the best I can with the free time I can find. And that has to be good enough.


  1. I hear ya. I die in the heat, too. Even early in the morning, when it's "only" 65-70 but 90 percent humidity feel like an inferno to me.

  2. I'm with ya! I don't like running in the heat either. Bah! But, you make a good point. Get your runs in when you can and do what you can. No one can ask for more. You can and will do this. You'll make the time when you can and you are amazing for taking running on with everything else in your life. So, remember that. There are plenty of people who wouldn't take that on with LESS going on. Whatever you can do is awesome!